I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at the University of Colorado Denver. Previously, I was an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminology & Law at the University of Florida. 

I research how criminal justice systems respond to socio-spatial and economic changes like gentrification, suburbanization, and fiscal crises. I am currently analyzing how police defunding impacts incidents of police brutality and racial disparities in arrest. Another active research project analyzes the effects of municipal austerity cuts on police and social services.

My scholarly work has appeared in Social Forces, Crime & Delinquency, and City & Community.  My general-interest work has appeared in the New York Daily News, the Appeal, AM New York, Gotham Gazette, and Gawker.

I received my PhD from the City University of New York’s Graduate Center. While there, I was a dissertation fellow at the Center for Place, Culture, and Politics, a research associate in the Criminal Justice Division of the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, and a graduate teaching fellow at Hunter College. Before graduate school, I worked as a paralegal and before that as an elementary school teacher. I was born in Denver and raised in Greenwood Village, Colorado.